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"I want to say you have changed my life forever. I got back in town today after going to a wedding. My flight was cancelled last night due to mechanical failure. I wasn't able to leave until today and only a couple from Delta seemed to care. When I came back I went to the Delta agent and asked if I could receive a ride home. Because I was so nice and not screaming and being a jerk, they not only gave me a ride home, they gave me money towards my next flight and sky miles. He said 'you are very calm and understanding and we appreciate that. I told him that I've been seeing someone for a year who completely changed my attitude and life.' For that Tara I can't thank you enough. You've changed my life and words can't express my appreciation and thanks. You're amazing."

~ Brett, Altamonte Springs, FL


 "Initially, I contacted Tara to assist me with my daughter's defiance because I needed new techniques to help improve her behaviors and school work. I soon realized that I needed to heal myself so I could be a more confident and effective parent. I now, don't feel the heavy weight and dark energies, which would keep me from growing and moving forward as a person, personally and professionally. The techniques that I have learned I use daily to combat the issues that arise. This is not just counseling...it is life skills, something that I can take with me and use forever."

~ Tonya, Apopka, FL                                                         


"You won't know true healing until you meet Tara!"

~ David, Longwood


"You have divine power...wow...you just removed demons from my body...god bless you."

~ Jenny, Tampa


"Thank you for literally changing my life for the better! You're an angel!"

~ Courtney, Apopka


"You're an amazing, highly intuitive teacher/healer. I'm very much looking forward to attending your workshop in San Diego!"

~Hannah, San Diego

"I am grateful for every blessing the universe has and will ever create for me. Thank you Tara!"

~Maria, Lake Mary

"It was an amazing presentation. Love your cards, Tara"

~ ErinLynn


 "These cards help me on a daily basis for my dauighter and myself. They are the perfect tools to help, stay grounded, seek guidance, and gain a better perspectove." 



 "This is the ultimate deck for empaths. There is so much love that has poured into each card's level of guidance and healing affirmations. Amazing how spot on they are! A must have!"

~ Angel, Lake Mary


 "So Happy I met you today and I'm so in love with my new deck."

~ Christina